Short Story Giveaway

Watching Charlotte Bronte Die: and other surreal stories by Ellie StevensonYou too could win a FREE signed copy of Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories, which is part of a Goodreads giveaway from 30 May to 2 July.

To apply to win a FREE signed copy, visit or join Goodreads today.

The contest is open to applicants in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Good luck!

SOME REVIEWS of Watching Charlotte Brontë Die

Mystery does arise in many different places in this collection of nine stories from somewhat intriguing realities. Be prepared for the unexpected.’ Ingrid Stevens


‘I love Ellie Stevenson’s writing – short simple sentences, often with a bitter bite to them. To take an easy one, from “Anna Grail”:

I thought my chances were exceedingly slim. Unlike me.

‘This collection of short stories contains a variety of tales with a sting in the tail – my favourites are probably “Anna Grail”, The Window Box” and “The Last Bus Home”.

The collection winds up with an excerpt from “Ship of Haunts” (the other Titanic story) which I have already read twice. I enjoyed the excerpt so much that I’ll probably read it all again. Ellie Stevenson’s stories are rich with little details, whereas her writing is deceptively simple, and the combination grows on you. A good read and worth re-reading.’  Valeria Salvemini

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