Short Stories: Watching Charlotte Brontë Die

Seeing a ghost is bad enough. But what if the woman was Charlotte Brontë?

No bike wheels spinning high in the air, no ghastly corpse, or crumpled victim propped against a wall. The street was damp and devoid of life, but also of death.

I watched the water running away. All I could think was one small thought. I hadn’t known Charlotte could ride a bike.

Ghostly happenings, death and destruction, a few twists and unexpected endings. All part of the mix in Watching Charlotte Brontë Die.

What people have said

‘Excellent short stories. Easy to read and flowed smoothly. The story moved along quickly, each with a haunting or “way to go” attitude, yet it left a message dangling in your mind. Just the correct amount of mystery and thrill to peak your curiosity then the story ends. I found all the ending to her stories perfect, classic. The author caused a stir of emotions in each tale, could it be real? I was second guessing my conclusions, which doesn’t happen often.’ Darlene Cruz

Mystery does arise in many different places in this collection of nine stories from somewhat intriguing realities. Be prepared for the unexpected.’ Ingrid Stevens.

‘This writer has a lovely way with words and her characters are both intriguing and believable. I enjoyed this melange of short stories of varying length with touches of humour from gentle to dark. I particularly enjoyed Window Box where the heroine surprises not just us but also herself.’ AliB (Amazon reviewer)

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