Novel: The Floozy in the Park

Too many people have something to lose if the truth comes out…

Journalist Jon visits an island, searching for his ex-lover, whose father was murdered.

The killer is still out there.

Nobody likes him asking questions.

Megan, Jon’s partner, is busy building a retail empire. Then, she discovers an Edwardian mystery, connected to her.

She barely notices Jon has gone.

But when she finds the sketch he drew of his ex-lover, Megan knows Jon is in trouble.

Can she uncover the truth in time?


This partly historical (Edwardian) novel is set in an English Edwardian retail empire (think Mr Selfridge with a dark side!) and in present day Obea – a beautiful but rather sinister island, where the residents are covering up murder and more.

Megan knows she must risk danger to find out the truth, but can she save Jon, and herself?

What people have said

Gosh, what a roller-coaster ride! An ambitious, unorthodox and eerie novel in that there are so many perspectives and time frames in this compelling mystery, which revolves around two claustrophobic settings – the inward-looking isle of Obea and the rigidly controlled environment of a mainland department store on the mainland opposite. The twists and turns in this mystery kept taking me by surprise, and I had to make sure I was reading it when I was wide awake, not last thing at night, as it kept me on my toes! In the end it all came together with a satisfying ending that I had not foreseen, making for exciting and thought-provoking reading.’ Debbie Young

When you stumble on something, you know it has already cost a life, and the people of whom you’re asking questions are not the sort it’s wise to irritate, do you stop asking? Not if Ellie Stevenson wrote you, you don’t.

‘I bought this book because I had enjoyed a previous book by this author, Watching Charlotte Bronte Die. I said then that the inside of Ellie Stevenson’s head must be a very strange place to inhabit, and this new book suggests that the Stevenson psyche is as individual today as ever it was. That glorious imagination, swooping from character to character and from insight to insight, makes for a great read.’ The Bagster (Amazon review).

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