Novel: Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic Story

Carrin remembers a past life – on Titanic. And now she’s being stalked by a ghost from the ship.

Lily, the ghost, has crossed time to find her cousin. But now time is running out.

One hundred years after the ship sank, Carrin’s shipmates are gathered together to remember Titanic. But who can she trust?

Certainly not the man who drowned her. But can she even trust herself?

For Carrin has a terrible secret, one she’s been hiding all her life. But at least Lily’s on her side. Or is she?

From the heat of the harsh Australian sun to the darkest depths of the ocean floor, Ship of Haunts is a novel of conflicts. Carrin is scared and Lily is desperate, both of them in a race against time. Will they manage to make it through, including surviving the vengeful Mad?

And when is it time to let the ghosts go?


Ship of Haunts is a complex, controversial, time-crossing ghost story about Titanic and child migration. You’ll explore the harsh world of the child migrant and the class divisions that lurk on Titanic. Keep a tight hold, it’s going to be a choppy ride!

On the way to Obea

What people have said

‘An enthralling aspect of this book is its visiting chapters to Titanic, both when it floats grandly upon the ocean, and when it rests at its depths. Ellie Stevenson has obviously done her research and demonstrates a wealth of knowledge about Titanic. Like many people, I’m fascinated by the tragedy and romance of the lost liner, and ‘Ship of Haunts’ does not disappoint – describing the majesty and detail of the floating Titantic so brilliantly as to make me somehow feel I’ve actually set foot upon it…

‘Finally, the novel also visits child immigration in Australia – where the reader feels deeply for the children living in dire conditions at ‘The Halt.’ There’s so much going on in this novel that it’s impossible to mention it all, but all the elements and stories weave together and make for a good ending. If you enjoy a detailed and intricate novel, then ‘Ship of Haunts’ is well worth a read.’ C L Davies

‘In this book I expected to find stories about people travelling on Titanic, and especially about those who died. Indeed this is the framework of the book. I did not expect to find an equally gripping story about children taken to Australia (1948-9) and living in conditions near to slavery. The two stories are bound together by Lily, one of the principal storytellers…

‘The author has peopled the different worlds described (Yorkshire, Southhampton, Titanic, Australia) with memorable characters, sometimes in living mode and sometimes as ghosts – we meet Carrin and Lily, the malevolent Madeleine, intriguing, beautiful Brianna and her nasty brother Craig, and others who interact with them through lives and as ghosts.

‘Even those who don’t really go for ghosts and the supernatural will enjoy this book because the characters are so captivating, and the historical events are well described and conform to what we know from history, i.e. the author has done her research and it shows.’ Valeria Salvemini

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