Charlecote: bringing history to you

Although Charlecote Park, Warwickshire is closed at the moment, due to the current social distancing regulations, we can still enjoy its history. Charlecote Park, managed by the National Trust, lies 5.4 miles east of Stratford-upon-Avon. In the 1550s the estate was at the south edge of the Forest of Arden, but over time the landscape... Continue Reading →

Ale Testing – an honourable occupation

Hello, and a very Happy 2020! I thought I'd start the new year with a guest post (below), from author Jann Tracy. It's particularly appropriate if any of you are suffering from last night's revels. Enjoy! The earliest records of brewing have been found in Egypt, about 2000 BC, so when John Shakespeare, a glover... Continue Reading →

Why coaching?

Over the summer, I was interviewed by Lorrayn de Peyer on her Sid Valley radio show. This was a great opportunity to talk a bit more about writing and its benefits. What is it you do. What services do you offer? I'm an author, editor and writing coach. I also run workshops for writers. How... Continue Reading →

Cake and a slice of Chastleton

When Martin Drury of the National Trust said, 'Our aim is to lay as light a hand as possible on Chastleton, to arrest 150 years of progressive decay...' he wasn't far wrong. And, that, in my opinion, is part of its charm. Last Friday I went to Chastleton House - a delightful Jacobean house built... Continue Reading →

History in the Least Likely Places

I recently went on a visit up north (Newcastle) and as part of that I visited North Shields. I always think of it as a small place but surprisingly it has a population of around 34,500. Where is everyone? Originally known just as Shields, the Shields of the name derives from a word meaning shelter... Continue Reading →

Smash all the Windows

Today, we welcome Jane Davis, whose latest novel, Smash all the Windows is available from 12 April. Hailed by The Bookseller as 'One to Watch', I'm going to let Jane speak to you in her own words about her 8th novel and her writing. For those who aren’t familiar with your writing, what can they... Continue Reading →

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